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Doing a show on VCD

HI John
I have had a lot of people tell me that Nero is the best but that Easy Crea
tor is easier to use. I am thinking of downloading both on here as I do hav
e a large harddrive and also am on a DSL so things move along pretty fast f
or me. I sure do not miss a dial up at all.
I had downloaded some sort of Nero thing but not sure now what it was and I
burned a disc using it with the NRG or NGR whichever it is but have not ha
d a chance to see if it works yet as I do not have a DVD player but hope to
check it out this weekend at a friends home. Worse comes to worse I have a
disk that I can erase or will have one more coaster to use LOL.
I took that Nero off of here as I really had a hard time trying to figure i
t out but it had to be a different version as it was much smaller than the
one that you recommend here. I will try this one for the heck of it and see
if I can figure out how to use it.
I swear the older that I get the denser I get and I hate it when I can not
figure things out easily. Thanks once more Sandy

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