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Transitions on VCD

John how do you get the music on your shows for the VCD? Maybe there is s
ome suggestion that you can give to me to do this or give me an idea what i
s wrong here or if it is something that I am doing wrong. I have the Window
s Media player version 9 which is the newest one, also have tried to conver
t some songs to MP3 from wav and vice versa, downloaded the codec thing fro
m Xat and it says that it downloaded fine but if I go to a search it does n
ot show up nor is it in my add/remove programs which is odd. Or if someone
would send me two songs that they have used that would go with a wedding s
how that I can download and see if they would work. I am looking for a need
le in a haystack here at this point and it is driving me up the wall. Sandy

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