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Nero does the same thing - among the many problems with Nero's built in
slide show support is that it tries to create a menu for every picture -
since VCDs are limited to 99 (I think) items - it is useless for large
scale shows.

If XATSHOW didn't configure its images to finalize the CD, you could
just burn a directory to the CD after you burned the XATSHOW image.
Maybe it is a VCD requirement to finalize the disk.


Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 2:45 PM

It has been discussed before: add also the raw data of the photos to
the VCD as a way of archiving or to allow the folks you send the VCD
to, to make printouts etc.

As I have been burning als DVDs for my videos, I have upgraded my
Ulead MovieFactory to version 2. Next to the fact that you can MIX
video and slideshow on one (VCD, SVCD and DVD) disc (great) it also
allows you to ADD the raw photo data or to add a specified folder
(e.g. with all the photos or other data). This is then all burnt
together on disc. As I really like the flexibility of XATSHOW over
the ULEAD product, I want to continue using XATSHOW....

Is XATSHOW planning to add this little feature & when ??

If this will not be done in the near future - does anyone know a
suitable CD IMAGE modifier program, so you can modify e.g. the CIF
file manually (adding folders) before buring to VCD ?

The possibility to mix various video formats together with slide
show on 1 disc is a great feature - any plans by XATSHOW in this
direction & when ??

regards, Michael

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