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I hate to whine before the feature is even out - but I have my files
named uniquely so that they can always be indentified no matter where
they are located (YYYY-MM-000).

Why do they need to be renamed?

Will they retain all EXIF and ITPC data? (ie - a simple file system copy
will not remove this data - any type of jpg re-save might.)

Will full archive versions be supported in the PC Slide show as well?


Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 7:09 AM

Hello Michael

>Is XATSHOW planning to add this little feature & when ??
Yes. The next version will allow this although images are renamed). It
will be
in the next beta.

>If this will not be done in the near future - does anyone know a
>suitable CD IMAGE modifier program, so you can modify e.g. the CIF
>file manually (adding folders) before buring to VCD ?
Some users use VCD easy to rip apart xatshow cue/bins, add stuff and
then burn

>The possibility to mix various video formats together with slide
>show on 1 disc is a great feature - any plans by XATSHOW in this
The next beta will allow VCD MPEG1s to be added.


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