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Chris - this is great news and I will be looking forward to these
enhancements. I appreciate some of the comments I picked up
with 'keeping original file information' which will be required
for 'true' archiving, however for sharing the raw data so that other
users can make print outs etc. it will work perfectly.
An additional comment and request for another function/feature: with
adding lots of additional data (JPGs, MPEG1s) it would be good to
have an idea whether the total package can still be burned on one
CD. E.g. before creating the CD image file give an indication of how
much of total CD capacity will be used....

regards, Michael

> Hello Michael
> >Is XATSHOW planning to add this little feature & when ??
> Yes. The next version will allow this although images are
renamed). It will be
> in the next beta.
> >If this will not be done in the near future - does anyone know a
> >suitable CD IMAGE modifier program, so you can modify e.g. the
> >file manually (adding folders) before buring to VCD ?
> Some users use VCD easy to rip apart xatshow cue/bins, add stuff
and then burn
> again.
> >The possibility to mix various video formats together with slide
> >show on 1 disc is a great feature - any plans by XATSHOW in this
> The next beta will allow VCD MPEG1s to be added.
> Chris.

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