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Hello Darwin

>I hate to whine before the feature is even out
Its ok, I'm used to it ;-)

.... and of course its the best time to as It could be changed!

>- but I have my files
>named uniquely so that they can always be indentified no matter where
>they are located (YYYY-MM-000).
>Why do they need to be renamed?
Three reasons:

We are limited to 8.3 filenames
Renaming preserves the order of the images
If an image is used twice or two images have the same name it avoids a clash.

I am considering including say RENAME.BAT which would rename the pictures back
to their original file name if copied onto disk first.

>Will they retain all EXIF and ITPC data? (ie - a simple file system copy
>will not remove this data - any type of jpg re-save might.)
Yes, although currently time/date not preserved (this might change!)

>Will full archive versions be supported in the PC Slide show as well?
Hmmmm, I haven't included a .xats file yet, only the pictures, so I guess not


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