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Where are my saved projects?

Well, I'm pretty new at this, so I'll tell you what happened. When I
made my first screen saver, I clicked File/Save and the box came up
to use for saving. I chose My Documents as the place to save, named
the file xatshow screen saver, and saved it. Did the same with No. 2
and No. 3. All three show in the My Documents folder, but when I go
to the xatshow main window and click File/Open/My Documents, only the
second screen saver shows up. Finally, I discovered just today that
if I go directly to the My Documents folder and click on any of the
three screen savers, a box shows up with an option to install. So, I
guess I can do it that way. I had thought I had to go to xatshow and
click File/Open to choose a different screen saver than the one I'm
using. Thanks.

> Are you talking about .xats files? They should all be there.
> Chris.
> >Hi: I have made three different screen savers--which I named
> >screen saver, xatshow screen saver 2 and xatshow screen saver 3--
> >saved each in the My Documents folder. When I open xatshow and
> >File/Open, I find only one of the screen savers listed in My
> >Documents (it's xatshow screen saver 2). Can you tell me why only
> >is listed, and what I should do to find the other two? Thanks.

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