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Where are my saved projects?

Thank you very much. You folks are quite helpful! I'm going to try to figure
out for myself how my recipients are to open up and how to get out of the
slide show I send ... but, if I can't, I'll be back asking you this

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>Subject: Re: [xatshow] Re: Where are my saved projects?
>Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 08:20:44 -0400
>You can send the show to anyone that can get exe attachments in a couple of
>1. send from the show page itself where it asks if you want to email the
>show or do as I normally do
>2. do a regular email and send it as an attachment to the email and that
>way you can tell them how to open it up, how to get out of it or what ever
>else you want to tell them

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