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make show from saver? add to created show?

> 1. I thought I saw a way to make a slideshow from a screensaver I
>have just created, but I can't find it. If this could be done, it
>would save time. Can it?
Not sure what you mean. xatshow screensavers (.EXEs) are both screensaver and

> 2. Once I have created a screensaver and am using it, can I get it
>back and add an image to it? I forgot to put in one photo and caught
>the dickens for it from my wife, so I did the whole thing over and
>made sure that I included the forgotten image.
You have to save your project first, then you can reload it and add an image
etc. See the Save anf Open buttons.

If you forget to save you have to start again ..


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