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make show from saver? add to created show?

> > 1. I thought I saw a way to make a slideshow from a screensaver I
> >have just created, but I can't find it. If this could be done, it
> >would save time. Can it?
> Not sure what you mean. xatshow screensavers (.EXEs) are both
screensaver and
> slideshow.
> > 2. Once I have created a screensaver and am using it, can I get
> >back and add an image to it? I forgot to put in one photo and
> >the dickens for it from my wife, so I did the whole thing over and
> >made sure that I included the forgotten image.
> You have to save your project first, then you can reload it and add
an image
> etc. See the Save anf Open buttons.
> If you forget to save you have to start again ..

Sorry about No. 1. I guess I'm using the wrong term. When I
wrote "slideshow," I meant making a Video CD DVD slideshow for
burning onto a CD which I can play in my DVD player and see on tv.
Can I duplicate or convert the screensaver into a Video CD DVD
slideshow instead of having to go through the entire process again?
> Chris.

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