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Suggestion: Multiple Sound Tracks

Hello Darwin,

Could you not simply put a second slideshow on the menu with the different

5.1 has a duplicate slideshow added to the sequencer (right click a slideshow)


>I recently made a slide show for my father-in-laws retirement party.
>After the party I added photos from the party and set it to several
>songs. I also made a second version of the CD that was set to the voice
>of my mother-in-law who gave a eulogy that night. Recently I heard a
>song that would be great set to the slides - so that will make three
>CDs. This made me think it would be great if XATSHOW supported multiple
>sound tracks per slide show. In this case I only have 70 slides, so
>size is not an issue.
>I know VCDs can allow for or fake multiple sound tracks and with the PC
>slide show it should be cake.
>The same slide show can tell a whole different story with different
>music - or even more useful you can watch your vacation slides set to
>nice music, or to the narrative.

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