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Saving Enhancing and Cropping on the Slide Tab

> I must be a bit dumb but I am having trouble Saving Enhancing and
> Cropping on the Slide Tab. After I have made the adjustments I
> the arrow down in the bottom right hand corner and do the same
> the next frame but when I make the slide show or the VCD nothing
> seems to change. Am I missing Something ? I cant see any save
> I would like to sort this out because I really like the Program.

When you have finished modifying your slides and get to the last one
the arrow you are talking about goes. If you then go back over the
sldes using the other arrow there should be a "box / crop area" over
the main photo; this is the area that will come up on the slide show.

You then click on the "create" button at the top of the program and
the slides will go across the screen in front of you showing the
actual slide show you will get.


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