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I've also encountered the 3 second erro message with
MP3 files that we much longer than 3 seconds. I found
that it occurred when I had highlighted the music file
name in Windows Explorer or the music browser. If I
removed focus (so the file name is not highlighted) from the music
file I wanted to add to
xat then within the XAT music selection screen I could add the music
file and eliminate the 3 second error message.

> I get that notice too and there is no song that it that short. In
fact I have not been able to do a show that is a VCD with music at
all using XAT as I always get a codex error and have gotten tired of
trying to find out what is going on as I have tried it using my own
ripped music as well as songs off of the internet but I have no
trouble doing the shows with another slide maker program that I have
also. Sandy

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