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Auto Convert Digital Camera Audio Annotations to Sound

Hello Darwin

xatshow maintains the EXIF info in Camera mode so there is a chance this will

As for automatically using the WAV for other shows, I'll add that to the future
ideas list.


>Canon cameras (and some others) support audio annotations during picture
>taking. In the case of Canon these are saved as .WAV files on the camera's
>memory and have an "Attachment" tag in the photo file. I believe the
>"attachment" field is an EXIF field. I believe that as long as a user keeps
>the WAVs right beside the picture files and does not rename the WAV files
>that XATSHOW could auto configure them as slide show audio.
>I am not sure if other camera types use proprietary methods for audio
>annotations. It would be great if these annotations were preserved on shows
>prepared to be re-uploaded to the camera as well.
>Now that would make XATSHOW great for documentary type slide shows!

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