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5.1 beta 5 uploaded (Built in CD writer)

Hi John
I have version 5.01 on here which is the newest one when I bought the prog
ram and how did you do it to a different folder? If I run the exe download
it pretty much automatically installs in My Program files and I would hate
to lose the original but guess I could always remove the new one and do a r
einstall on the original. Chris just sent me a url for another converter wh
ich I will try later on to see how I make out with that but I wanted to kn
ow from him if I can change songs that I have on here already or have to ri
p new ones from my CD's. Most of the music that I use is what I have gotten
online from some of the music groups that I belong to and it comes in eith
er wav or MP3 format depending upon who is sending it to the group.
Also does this new one show the transitions on the television? Thanks for
all the help from everyone one in the Xat group Sandy

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