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5.1 beta 5 uploaded (Built in CD writer)

I swear I am a glutton for punishment as I hooked the DVD player back up an
d then downloaded the new version of Xat into another folder. Did up one of
the shows with that and it burned fine and plays great other than there ar
e no transitions on that one which I am not sure should have shown up or no
t as they do on the computer.
Now I used two songs on it that I got from Kazaa Lite and they worked grea
t, but if I try to use the music that I have on here which in this case tri
ed a couple of my MP3's I got a notice that the bit rate was too small what
ever that means.
I downloaded a new converter that Chris had told me about but when I tried
to use it I could not figure it out to get tracks off of my own CD. Then I
tried to do it using the DBpower amp converter but after it seemed to be do
ing it fine I got a notice like this " Could not connect to freeb database.
Please check your internet connections"., which I have never gotten before
and have no idea what this means as I am always connected to the internet
at all times on here. Any more ideas.
I really did not intend to spend another day driving myself nuts with this
but hate to give up either LOL Sandy

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