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5.1 beta 5 uploaded (Built in CD writer)

I downloaded the new version and it works great but did not care for the wi
de screen option as on my television it actually made the pix taller and sk
innier than it is without that. The transitions did not work on the new one
either for me and I am still stuck using the two songs that will work. Hav
e to figure out why the songs that I have on here will not work as I get al
l sorts of error messages and although I did download the new converter tha
t Chris recommended to me when I go to rip it does not show up as an option
to use. The only options I get are for my Windows media player or the DB p
ower amp but then it gives me another error message which I sent to the for
um earlier. Think that it is time to take a break from this for a while bef
ore I take a sledge hammer to the computer and all of that stuff . I would
love it if someone can send me two or three songs that they have successfu
lly used for me to try to my regular email address which you can get from t
he forum. Sandy

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