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Hi Chris,
This is an odd one. I have as you know bought at and had version 5.02 on my
computer but was not able to get my music and such to work with the VCD's
but the new encoder that you suggested to me has taken care of that proble
Now you have the new beta version which has the built in burning software o
r program and also is reported to make it so that you can burn the VCD's wi
th transitions for the television.
Okay now here is my problem... I wanted to download the new version so that
I could see what the transitions looked like with Xat and liked the built
in burning program. I was told by you and others that it would over write
the older version (5.02) so I did as one of the members did and downloaded
it to another folder. Now I did not pay attention when I brought up the pro
gram from what I thought to be the new beta one that in reality it was stil
l the older 5.02 only with the burning program apparently working in it but
the transitions still do not work. After doing a show and seeing that the
transitions did not work I went to both Xat icons and checked and sure enou
gh both had the same version written on them> 5.02.
I do not need the transitions but would like to see how they look on the te
levision and maybe I would not like that but hate to remove Xat from here a
nd then download the beta again if not necessary to try it and then take th
at one out and redo my original program again. Sandy

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