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tabs on beta

I am on beta 5 now and also tried beta 4 and didn't have this
problem with either. I know this dose not help you but not everyone
is having this problem which means the program will work.

I presume you are working through the tabs setting an image folder
etc ?

I can not maximise my program either which I think would be a good
thing to do.

Regards Anthony

> I downloaded the beta 5.1 version to try the transitions. I can't
> anything.
> I only have two tabs - "settings" and "options" for all the areas
> show, video cd, web slideshow, etc.) Also when I select
the "VideoCD
> DVD" option, a lot of the top menu items are grayed out (new, open,
> save, create.) The "Create auto" and "Create manual" buttons are
> grayed out.
> I also can't maximize the program - it's this annoying window
> just small enough so that there's a border all the way around - if
> click there by mistake you're in whatever is running in the
> I really prefer to maximize whatever program I'm working with.
> Any suggestions?
> Rick Drew

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