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tabs on beta

That is odd as when I open it up on my screen it is automatically full scre
I am thinking of removing the whole Xat program from my computer and then d
ownloading the new beta one to see how it works for me with the transitions
on the television and then can always take that one out and reload version
5.02 as each time that I try the new one nothing really happens at all .
I still end up with my 5.02 which is fine as such but would like to see how
Xat works with the transitions as I do like them with Pro show gold but th
at one is much harder to work with or for me it is. I know that the Pro Sho
w Gold has an automatic random transition thing in it but for the life of m
e can not get it to work like the instructions say it does but I do like th
em on the TV screen for some of the shows but the cuts are good too especia
lly when you have tons of pix to look at.
Right now until I can get more disc will not be doing any more burning as m
y DVD player does not want to play the CD-RW disc Sandy

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