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MPEG1 in Slideshow

I've been able to add an mpeg to a vcd. This doesn't show as a video
in the exe / screensaver file. Should the mpeg play on the pc also?
If not, does anyone know of software to turn an avi or mpeg into a
self-running exe file?


I successfully got a MPEG1 (according the VCD standard) in the
> slideshow by dragging & dropping (pull down menu for file add did
> not recognize the file..).
> I placed the MPEG file right in the slideshow. By showing in TV
> there was only 1 little problem - the slideshow did NOT advance
> automatically to the movie section - it halted (music continued).
> I had to press the FORWARD button on remote control to get the movie
> started - after movie slideshow continued fine. What went wrong ?

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