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Flash animations

> --- In xatshow@ , "poxyusername" >
> > I will try it again but from what I remember I had no luck with
> > when I tried it before.
> >
> > Thanks
> It's always worked fine for me, but it wasn't very user-friendly
> new users in older versions. They now have a project template
> which makes it real easy for new users to get started. Just
> the VideoCD template (NTSC if you're in North America) and follow
> prompts, leaving everything at default.

I have just given it a very quick go and the video came out OK but
no sound ( they were in the same file ). I remeber now ( I am in the
UK ) when I selected the Pal under VCD it stuck there but this time
it worked.

I will give it another go tomorrow.


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