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poor quality


I have tried 5.02 version and VCD image creation (NRG or ISO or BIN)
is taking up all the space (20GB+) to create .TMP file and failing.

5.1b7 is not doing that. Good!!!

This is all happening when I am trying with WideScreen option.

5.1b7 created the widescreen VCD playable but the quality is very
poor although the same process created same image set as PC slideshow
with very high quality. It could be because widescreen option is
doing too much compression or anti flickering is not there or the
slides are not 704x480. I did not use Transitions as using them will
create MPEG file instead of slides and takes up more space and
resolution is 704x480.

How to choose quality setting for VCD? I want excellent quality
to show it on 47" widescreen.

I have tried all other widescreen VCD slideshow tools
and by far this has best options.

Author might want to look at these features:
1. VCD slide quality setting
2. EXIF data display (with alignment and font)
3. photo borders
4. TV safe zone setting (with visible border in slide resize window)
5. DVD option (I don't know how to create a DVD with this tool)
6. Resized pictures output option (so I can take these widescreen
images out and write VCD my own)
7. If DVD, multiple audio tracks (so I can use this as songs disk

Thanks for reading

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