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Problems with Xat

Hi Chris
For some reason and I do not know why I just used the program for
the first time in a while to do a show and when I did the VCD it
plays fine with the music but no transitions which right now is not
my main concern. What happened is that I went to the disc that I had
kept my prior shows on which were created with version I think 5.02
and then I had downloaded the newer betta version that had the built
in burning software which I liked but now all of the music on my
other shows has disappeared.
At first I thought that there was a problem with my sound on the
computer so tried a show created with another program and that is
fine so it is something to do with Xat but what??? I am really
upset over this as I had spent many hours doing these shows up and
wanted to show them to someone who was interested in buying Xat but
sure can not do that now. Please let me know what you think as soon
as you can thanks Sandy

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