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SVCD creation

I created two files each with it's own music. Viewed them and each
play fine on my computer allowing me to select folder 1 or folder 2.

1. If I create an SVCD will it record the exact same way? I assume it

2. When I select Video CD/DVD is shows slide show name which I called
2003, the image folder shows one of the folders I used for creating a
slide show so what about the other file? Will the program remember
where the files are or do I need to do something different?

3. When I play this CD in my DVD Player will I be able to select file
#1 or file #2 as I can on my computer?

4. Does this program actually create an SVCD? My limited
understanding of VCD vs. SVCD is VCD will contain only pictures while
SVCD will contain pictures and sound.

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