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SVCD creation

Hello included in you post below is what I think - this may not be
fully correct !!!!!

Regards Anthony

> I created two files each with it's own music. Viewed them and each
> play fine on my computer allowing me to select folder 1 or folder
> Questions:
> 1. If I create an SVCD will it record the exact same way? I assume
> will.

No Idea on this.

> 2. When I select Video CD/DVD is shows slide show name which I
> 2003, the image folder shows one of the folders I used for
creating a
> slide show so what about the other file? Will the program remember
> where the files are or do I need to do something different?

Not sure what you mean - look at the seqencer tab - if you put a
file onto the main settings page it will select all the files from
that folder. You can then add others under the seqencer tab from a
different folder.

> 3. When I play this CD in my DVD Player will I be able to select
> #1 or file #2 as I can on my computer?

Put the files into the sequencer seperatly and creat a link to each
on the menu page. What you need to do in my understanding is create
both shows in one.

> 4. Does this program actually create an SVCD? My limited
> understanding of VCD vs. SVCD is VCD will contain only pictures
> SVCD will contain pictures and sound.

VCD will include pictures and sound.

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