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xat slide show - monster temp file - hangs up

Thanks, Chris for responding. On time interval, I have it set for 5
seconds. When there is NO background music I turn "Spaced to Music"
off. Here is what I have:

Main Menu: Background picture, mp3 song 159 sec long.
SS#1: 18 pictures, mp3 song 215 sec (12 sec/pic)
SS#2: 24 pictures, mp3 song 182 sec (7.6 sec/pic)
SS#3: 46 pictures, mp3 song 249 sec (5.4 sec/pic)
SS#4: 64 pictures, mp3 song #1 148 sec, mp3 song #2 203 sec
for a total of 351 sec (5.5 sec/pic)

Settings are:
Slide Duration 5 sec
Crop images to fit (images are full 2272x1704 from Canon G3)
Apply Anti-Filter OFF
Reduce image to fit TV 6%
Each slide show set to Customize this slide show with
Crop images to fit
Run Slideshow once
Spaced to music length

I will attempt to send you the ".xats" file by e-mail - don't see a
way to attach it here.

> Have you got a long time interval set?
> How many pictures have you got and what length of music?
> Can you send me your settings?
> Press the save button and send me the .xats file?
> Chris.
> >I am getting EXTREMELY frustrated trying to create a VCD of my
> >recent trip to Disney World. If I leave out all music files, it
> >works, but as soon as I add some background music, it goes into
> >orbit. It seems to hang up - creating an ever larger temp file
> >to 4 gigabytes) then pops up a message saying my disk is full -
> >which is not true - I have over 100 GB available. Then when I
> >OK on the error message, I have to abort and all is lost.
> >

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