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VCD Timing

That is how I verified the timing as it was working in the PC slideshow to the second, but it is off about 10 seconds for the first song on the VCD.

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I am not using this program anymore (just could not get it to run properly on my PC) but I am using another. I also had timing problems. On my PC all played fine but on my DVD player the timing was off.

The answer I got to this was that slideshows on a PC are played through the video card while on CD through a DVD player they are not. So the answer is to know the time of your photos (all photos for a slideshow) and match that with the music.

If you have 20 photos and the time is 5 seconds per photo you have 100 seconds or 1:40 minutes of play. If your music is 2:00 minutes then you will need to add 1 second to each photo. (20 photos times 6 seconds equals 120 seconds, which is 2 minutes).

I just got this info yesterday and have not made a CD yet but it makes sense.

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I have already tried it in other DVD players and the timing is the same and is not in synch with the PC based slideshow. I even played it on the PC it was created on using WinDVD and it played the same way with the timing off.

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Hello Keith & Niki

Not all DVD players play VCDs properly. Can you try the CD in a friend or
neighbours machine?


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