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VCD Timing

The idea is NOT to time to the PC slideshow. Time the photos to the music no
matter how it comes out with the PC. When I timed my photo-time to the
music-time only the CD played perfectly!

Peggy Hooper
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Sent: Thursday, 03 July, 2003 10:27 PM

That is how I verified the timing as it was working in the PC slideshow to
the second, but it is off about 10 seconds for the first song on the VCD.

Peggy Hooper

Sent: Wednesday, 02 July, 2003 1:05 PM

I have already tried it in other DVD players and the timing is the same and
is not in synch with the PC based slideshow. I even played it on the PC it
was created on using WinDVD and it played the same way with the timing off.

info@ wrote:
Hello Keith & Niki

Not all DVD players play VCDs properly. Can you try the CD in a friend or
neighbours machine?


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