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new and not getting it

It sounds like you are copying these 2 files to a CDR in a data
mode, which of course, will not play in you DVD player. The ".iso"
file is the one that contains your video, but it has to be processed
by software in your CD burning program to create all the files and
folders required for a VCD.

Try just using Windows Explorer and locating the .iso file, then
double-click on it. This should cause your CD burning program to
open up - it looks at the file, sees that it is an iso file, and
says, "aha, I need to create a VCD from this file" so it goes ahead
the creates all the necessary files and folders and burns them to
the CDR. When finished, this should play in your DVD player. You can
also put this CDR in your computer CD player, open it, and you
should see all these files and folders.

I have Roxio CD creator, and this is the way mine works, but I have
not tried it on an HP writer. Maybe someone else with experience
with the HP burner can help.

But, at any rate, DO NOT open your CD burning program first and then
try to burn the VCD, you will most likely just copy the files to the
CDR as data files.

> I have downloaded the evaluation version of this software - to see
> it will do what I want it to do - which is create VCD. I have
> figured out how to add music, edit my slides and all that good
> however, when I use autocreate on the VCD/DVD screens, it only
> creates 2 files for me. When I look at the FAQ on the xatshow
> it shows all these folders that are supposed to be burned onto the
> cd -- all I am seeing is the .exe that i assume is the screensaver
> and a .iso file. I have HP CD Creator, and have looked to see
> format it reads and it is .iso, so i am really confused. I must
> missing a step, but can't seem to figure out where. My DVD player
> supports CDR and CDRW - but I am guessing it won't play because
> that is burned onto my CDR is the .exe and the .iso file. I
> hope someone can shed some light on this for me - as I am loving
> program and almost ready to purchase at least the standard
edition -
> possibly the professional - if I can only figure out how to
> burn a vcd!
> Thanks in advance!

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