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Automatic burn button fails

> >Hi Chris: CIF isn't listed under File Types. EasyCDCreator is
> >in two places, but not CIF.
> Then try and add it as a know type. Somehow it has got zapped ...
> Chris.

I clicked "Add" on the file types box and got a box with the
following in it:

Add New File Type

Description of type
Associated extension
Content Type (MIME): Drop-down box with these choices:
application/hta; application/mac-binhex40; application/msword;
application/pdf; application/pkix-cert
Default Extension for Content Type (greyed out)
Actions: (White rectangular box follows)
Under this box are:
New Edit Remove Set Default
All but New are greyed out
Enable Quick View Confirm open after download (checked)
Always show extension Browser in same window
OK Cancel

Can you decifer this for me? I could try to send a Screen Shot if

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