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I am sort of lagging behind in my quest to understand this program.
I am not really sure what is the current beta version we are using as
I have been away working with another program.

I thought on making a menu that you could go to your already saved
programs and just put the first one up and then click add new slide
show to add the second show but when I do this it just puts the new
slide show in place of the first one. That would seem to be the most
logical way to build a menu. So I need help there.

I did finally get two up and made the menu and titled in "Choose" and
saved it that way.

I even made a music folder and put two songs in the file that I had
used many times with XAT but, you guessed it, the program starts
again to work the music like I never used it. I think it is called
converted music files that I should not have to convert over again
but it still does.

OK NOW, How do I create this menu for CD. I just click create and
when finished after about 30 minutes should there be a file
for "choose", the title of the program, to burn the CD?

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