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Slideshows: No Sound (Machine Specific)

I've created a couple of slideshows in XatShow 5.02 that behave
differently on different PC's.

On some PC's I get pictures and background music, as expected.
Picture timing is evenly spaced to match music length.
On other PC's I get pictures with no background music that transition
much more quickly.
These results come from the same CD-R.

Example of PC that shows slideshow with sound: SuperMicro S2DGR
w/Pentium Xeon 400Mhz and SoundBlaster 128, running Windows NT 4.0
Server and using DVD ROM drive.

Example of PC that shows pictures, only: Toshiba Tecra T8000 notebook
with 333Mhz Pentium III, running Windows 2000 Professional and using
CD ROM drive.

Both PC's have audio turned up such that other sound-producing
applications are audible.

Any possible reasons for this discrepancy? Anything I can do to
ensure that my slideshows play with sound and proper timing on all


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