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MP3 Codec missing ?!

Hello Chris

thanks for your quick answer/suggestion - however, I just checked a
few minutes ago by re-installing my old version 4.6 of XATSHOW,
prepared a short slide show and added a MP3 from my misic library
for the music - IT STARTED TO CONVERT THE AUDIO FILE without errors.
(I think the file was 44100 Hz, 128 Kbps and joinm stereo).

It would be a pitty when you have to convert your MP3 files before
you can use them in the new version .... will consume a lot of
additional time.

rergards, Michael

> Hello Michael,
> Are you sure it worked with xatshow 4?
> xatshow 5 is supposed to give you better messages ....
> Here is my stock answer:
> The windows codec is a bit fussy and doesn't like some MP3s,
usually low bit
> rate (<96 kbit/s or mono).
> You need to convert the MP3 to a more standard format (eg 128kbit
stereo) or
> convert it to a WAV file.
> We may improve this with a future release.
> An application like CDEX (freeware) will allow you to convert the
audio file you
> have to one which is more standard (and compatible with xatshow).
> You can download CDEX from:
> We plan to improve this problem in a future release.
> Chris.
> >Installed this afternoon the new version 5 (Wow what an
improvement -
> > compliments!!) - have been using XATSHOW to ful satisfaction
> >I bought my digital camera. Was very eager to try it all out.
What a
> >disappointment that I have not been able to create a VCD - error
> >message: no MP3 codec installed (strange I can play MP3 files
> >Eventhough the previous version of XATSHOW did not have this
> >message - I donwloaded and installed the latest version of
> >Windows Media Player (for XP)as suggested opn the XATSHOW
website -
> >restarted the 'engine'and still the same error message.
> >
> >Can somebody make some suggestions ? I'm running on Windows XP -
> >have installed the newest version of Media Player (9). What else
> >I do ?

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