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Slide show won't work on web page

Oh, bummer! Sorry that didn't cure the problem. Before I downloaded and i
nstalled JAVA VM from Sun, the icon for the .jar file looked like the icon
for WinRar files.

After installing JAVA VM, the icon looks like the last file in this screen

I didn't have any problem viewing my web shows on other computers, at the l
ibrary or at the home of friends, however they did not work on my main comp
uter at home, except when viewing from my desktop. I have two computer con
nected as a home network. My gateway computer is brand new with Win XP and
all the latest updates, but it would not display web show images created w
ith Xatshow. My client computer is 3 years old and has never had any XP up
dates applied. The Xatshow web shows work just fine on that computer. I b
elieve the reason for this is because Microsoft used to bundle JAVA VM with
Windows, but pending litigation they are providing only their own version

I have another chum in Australia who could not display the web shows I post
ed online, but after she installed the Sun JAVA VM, everything was perfect.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help,


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