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5.10 Don't Waste Your Time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have burned many VCD's with Xat with no problems other than getting error
reports on some of the music that I wanted to use that I had gotten off of
the internet but if I rip my own Cd's have no problems at all with the pic
tures or the music but I do not get the transitions which I would love to h
ave and it says that I am using 5.01 on here when I checked. I generally us
e CD-R as I have not had good luck with using the CD-RW at all for some rea
son. Sometimes they will work but not always. One thing I have found is th
at I have to burn right away as for some reason I can not get the program t
o burn later on for me once I have saved the show.
I have never tried to put more than one show on at a time but know that oth
ers have but I have not figured out how to do it as of yet.
I do not understand why the transitions will not work though and that is an
I am using a Aptek DVD player which is the bottom of the line as far as DVD
players go but my one daughter has a top of the line Sony and on hers the
shows will play but not consistently at all for some reason with pictures s
talling and music cutting in and out but like I said these same shows play
fine for me.
The last show that I did had over 350 images on it and six songs and it too
k only about ten minutes to create the show once I got done with my editing
which is another story and took a couple of minutes to burn. I have an Ace
r 24x10x40 burner which is about three years old. I am running XP home edi
tion and when I am working on a show I do it online but have all of my othe
r things such as pop up stopper, fire wall, messengers etc all shut down.
Sandy D

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