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Web Show, Java, & non Windows Browsers

First let me thank you for a wonderful product. Standalone
slideshows are easy to create and fun to watch. I've also used
the "Digital Camera" tab to down sample images for placement on web

Recently I created my first web slide show and then took the
resulting html and pasted it into a web page created with MS
FrontPage. The web slideshow plays exactly as I intend on my local
PC because there is no waiting for all of the files to download.

However, when watching from the web server over a slower connection,
the pictures start long before the audio is downloaded. This makes
everything out of sync. Is there some way to specify that the java
applet not start until all files have been downloaded to the browser

Also, when viewing from the two non-Windows platforms I tried (Mac OS
and the Galeon browser running on a Unix platform), the pictures
display fine but the audio never starts. Any ideas here?



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