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Evaluating xatshow - problem with slide transitions

Actually as I look more closely the way the greater than 9 slideshows is
handled is fine with me, via multiple slideshows per menu and then
multiple menu pages. If I could just have one show that transitioned
all slides from the one show(folder) to another.

Sticking 600 slides in a folder and moving around in them seems a
nightmare. Figuring out where one leaves off to edit etc.


Jay Anderson wrote:

> This occurred to me also but I was hoping I could control the
> transitions while still having some organization within the slide
> show. The tabs had all the right options etc. with names like
> sequencer so I felt the capability was not out of this world but...
> I have many slides already cropped/rotated etc. This represents many
> hours of editing but now I cannot organize the display properly
> without re-do. Do you see a way to save workwhich is already done and
> use it again in another slideshow?
> I guess if I select this product I have to re-do everything (shame on
> me for not selected a much smaller subset to get the process down
> prefect). If I have to redo everything today I might as well look at
> some other products with more robust capabilities in this area (not
> sure what they are but doesn't anyone actually do large projects with
> any of these products?).
> For example in my project each folder represents a day of a trip. So
> I have 14 folders. With many pictures it is hard to navigate around
> select ones from certain days etc. Having a menu of 9 object like
> xatshow doesn't help my 14 day trip too perfectly
> Another topic. If I save a slideshow but then want to create an svcd
> of it, do I have to redo all the editing/cropping etc. It seems funny
> one does not have a project then at save time decide whether he is
> creating a pc slideshow or svcd etc. I really would like both in the
> end.
> Jay
> Sandra Davenport wrote:
>> HiThe way that I do it is to go to where you add files and open up
>> one folder and choose the images from there that I want to use, then
>> go to the next folder and again open it up and choose those images
>> and keep going until I have all of the images that I want to use set
>> up. Then if I want to put them in another order I go to the one tab
>> that shows all of them and move them up or down as I want them to
>> show on the screen. Sandy

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