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Hangs on last image - music plays on and on

Robin, thanks for your reply. Just to be clear, I did not use
override on individual slides, just on the whole slideshow. I have
always done this and before it has come out just perfectly. I
suspect the problem has to do with the high bit-rate MP3 songs that
I am using, and XATshow is calculating the songs to be longer than
they really are. I will re-create it with some songs I have used
before and see what happens.
Also, thanks for the note about the last picture will remain until
the end of the music.
Take care, Gus

> If you were using over ride for all the slides, maybe you made
> the show longer than the music. If you select play slide show
> once, the last picture will remain untill the end of the music.
> robi

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