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I just created a slideshow and it doesn't play correctly

I created the show and copied the .exe to a cd. I have since found out
that I can play the .exe on one computer, XP PRO but it fails to play
properly on another windows 2000 machine. On the machine where it does
not play, I don't get the screen asking me if I want to preview the
program or install as a screensaver (I think i got this the first time
yesterday when I tried it). Now I run the .exe and it starts right into
the slideshow but no sound.

Just for grins I installed the latest version of DirectX. Only
similarity I have between the windows 2000 machine that works ok (where
i generated the show), and the XP PRo that it works on are that they are
both AMD and the failing Windows 2000 is an Intel. Maybe there is some
OpenGL or other multi-media glitch. I am going to download the latest
windows media player to see if this makes a difference.



Sandra Davenport wrote:

> Hi JayI have not ever had that problem at all with mine but if you are
> customizing each slide as to time on screen and time for transition
> are they each the same? I found out a couple of times that I would
> forget to change those settings on each one. I normally use 6 seconds
> for everything but that depends upon whether or not there is text as
> any shorter does not allow the viewer to read what is on the screen at
> any time. Sandy

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