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Old September 11th, 2003, 12:53 AM
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I just created a slideshow and it doesn't play correctly

I resolved my problem on the toublesome machine but installing the
latest version of Windows media player. I think the version I had was
old, not the default, maybe missing the .mp3 codec. I use Winamp all
the time. So I bit the bullet and installed the latest and greatest
from BillyG and all is wonderful. Except of course I probably break
some other applications but this slideshow is ok.

Maybe somewhere someone could document the dependancies for running the
slideshows on other machines. Obviously there are some pre-reqs.


Sandra Davenport wrote:

> Hi JayI have not ever had that problem at all with mine but if you are
> customizing each slide as to time on screen and time for transition
> are they each the same? I found out a couple of times that I would
> forget to change those settings on each one. I normally use 6 seconds
> for everything but that depends upon whether or not there is text as
> any shorter does not allow the viewer to read what is on the screen at
> any time. Sandy

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