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Understanding Music

I still need a little help understanding here. It is the length of the
slide show that will drive the additional size create by the sound then?
If I did 1700 pics at 2 second each it would be 56 minutes. If I add
then add MP3 file that is exactly 56 minutes long - should this fit on
one disk? Or is there an overhead to adding the music? I am not a VCD
expert, but it seems like it shouldn't add any overhead if it is VCD -
SVCD has variable bit rate which might make a difference when adding

It would be great if XATSHOW would show a real time graph of my
remaining space so that as I add elements, I could see what was
happening (and for it to account for the PC slide shows also being on
the disk). This would allow me to know when to move one or two months
worth of photos to the next VCD.

Thanks much,

Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 3:19 AM


1700 pictures will fit without sound.

But with sound 1700 pics at 4 seconds = 113 mins which won't fit.

You can only fit about 60 mins on a CD.


>When I placed a 48 MB MP3 (45 minutes worth) in one of the 6 folders I
>had on my VCD configuration it fills up my disk at 11 GBytes during
>slide creation. Before adding music the slides show (including the PC
>.EXE file) already used 589 MB.
>What format is the sound converted to? How can I calculate how much
>sound + pictures I could fit on a VCD? (already calculate that my
>cameras stills come out to around 1700 pictures per CD at 4 seconds per

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