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I just created a slideshow and it doesn't play correctly

> Thanks. I must missed the dependancy on wmp (which I really try to
> avoid). I am not going to suggest what the xat developers might do
> there seems to be a big lack of documentation and diagnostics.
I had e mailed the xat guys a long time ago praising the quality of
the computer version & asking if they could make it work on a dvd
Their reply at the time was we will check on that & they have been
trying ever since.
If they ever get it right they will own the market with the ease of
use of this product.
Sad part is by the time they get it right too many people will have
bad mouthed it.

> said this my slideshow is ok on PC's now. Some transitions cause
> the curling one, on some systems.
> I will next try to get the svcd stuff working.
> Jay
> Sandra Davenport wrote:
> > Are you using Windows Media Player as the default one or using
> > Winamp? I normally use Wimamp but found that for the songs that
I do
> > want to use for Xat generated shows I have to change the
> > toWMP. I still get the codec error on songs unless they are ones
> > I ripped myself for the most part which I do not do very often as
> > like to download music from online that I get from several sites
> > who knows how they were ripped at what compression and rate.
> >
> >

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