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please remove me from mailing list. Thanks

Sandra Davenport <sdavenp1@ > wrote:Hi
I know that I have not had any luck with using photo's that are longer in size so I try to use ones that are rectangular and do some editing in PSP before putting them on the slide show and I agree that it is upsetting not to be able to see the whole photo and I also wish that there was a way to at least change the color black on the surrounding area to another color or design as you can do in another program that I also use. I also have not been able to burn any VCD's with music using songs that I have not ripped myself with Xat but can with the other program. I have many songs that I like downloaded from the internet but no way will most of them work for me at all as I always get the codex error thing on here when I try to use them. Sandy

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