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Pick any slide as menu representative?

Add this to the "wish list" if it's not already there -- Xatshow seems to pick the first slide in a show as the representative image to use in the menu. Sometimes that is not the slide I'd choose (especially if I'm going to fade up from black!) Some programs allow you to designate any slide in the show as the "menu representative." I suspect I could work around this if I built my own menu, but that is of course a bit more work.

Also... if I -DO- build my own menu, is the first show always going to be initiated with the "1" key, second with "2" and so on? In an e-mail you indicated a main menu could perhaps be a map with numbered countries for example that would be stops on the "tour." Would I number such with 1,2,3 etc. in the order of the shows on my disk?

BTW - Congrats on ver. 5 -- Nice work!

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