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I'm still a new user myself, but had the same or a similar problem at
the start. The solution suggested by Chris (info@ ) was to use
the latest beta release of the software* and to watch which kind of
MP3 format I used. Evidently the most recent MP3 formats, especially
MP3 PRO, won't work. A lot of the MP3s downloaded from the inet are
unusable. You can tell if the MP3 file will work by adding it on the
Sequencer tab, then selecting it and looking at its length in
minutes. If the length is wrong the file won't work. I just kept
playing with it until I found some MP3s that worked. I'm trying to
find a program that will reliably rip from my own CDs but so far
having intermittent luck.

Music files in .wav format will work, but they're way larger.

*Look at messages on this forum from late September for an
announcement from about the release of the latest beta
version. It includes a link to the download.

Best of luck,

> Sandra,
> I had to go look. It was set to VideoCd DVD, I guess by default,
> because I didn't set it there. I just cannot figure it out, and I
> would really like to....Thanks for your input, I'll try that
> Bev

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