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Burning issues & invisible files

Here's the link to V5.10 beta 7 mentioned in my previous reply:

> Hi,
> I am evaluating V5.02 and like what I've seen so far, but...
> When I try to burn the slide show to cd for DVD viewing the files
> disappear. The slide show definately burns but XP cannot see the
> files and the DVD player tells me the disc is empty.
> I am using Win XP and NTI CD Maker 2000plus to create a disc from
> the iso image (which XP sees as a winrar file?). I have also tried
> to burn the an .nrg file with my software, and also nipped round to
> my mates and used his nero. Same results each time. Does anyone
> have any ideas?
> Thanks
> Dave....

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