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Latest beta XAT

I'll pass on the snow, but I did take advantage of the weather and
cleaned out my computer desk this weekend!

For what it's worth, I've got 5.10 and 5.02 beta loaded on the same
hard drive. Just put the beta in a different folder. Both seem to
work independantly of the other (properties indentify the correct

I was disappointed in the beta though, as I still did not get
transitions on my DVD player. Unlike John and others, transactions
are what add the finishing touch to some of my shows. I especially
enjoy the fade transition where I can give some action to my photos
through minute changes in the photos. Has anyone been able to
produce transitions on their DVD player using the XAT beta?

> Hi John
> That is what I think I will do since I am not doing much with slide
shows now until after the holidays anyway.
> Anyone want our weather? Will gladly send it to you if I could as
we are in the middle of a blizzard and I hate it. Sandy

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