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I haven't noticed that problem with the few slideshows I've made so
far--will have to look closer at the next one I make. Maybe my
photos are low enough resolution (scanned at 300 DPI or thereabouts)
that image degradation isn't noticable, or doesn't happen. I don't
use transitions much yet, though. You might ask the forum moderator
Chris about the transition vs. resolution problem.

The only problem I'm having with Xatshow is that now all my relatives
expect me to make them slideshows on their birthdays. Lee

> Transitions appear to be unusable due to a huge degradation in
> quality. The only way to get good image quality is to use the 'no
> transitions' setting. This makes transitions unusable for me, any
> hope this will get addressed?
> Dan (first time poster, love XAT so far, mostly)
> > Also, the latest "engineering" version _does_ allow transitions
> with a VCD. It's version 5.10 beta 7 (you may have the latest
> general release version: 5.02) and it's available from
> > Lee

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