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Understanding Music

Yes I understand this - but I can easily calculate the average for my
camera and photo types by building a 1700 or 1200 slide disk and divide
by the total CD size (even with the PC slide show included it would
average out). I am not even looking for the total, just tell me what
overhead is added to the VCD and the PC slide show by the music, I can
calculate my own averages for the entire composition.

The results I am getting from our last conversation are confusing me - I
have a VCD that is much less than an hour and added a 45 minute music

1) I put together a disk with 6 shows, total of 1200 slides with a PC
slide show included, the image file comes out to 415 MB.
2) I edit the same XATSHOW config and add a 45 Minute MP3 (48 MB) to the
menu root, deconfigure the PC slideshow and I get a warning that the
disk will be 2000 MB.
3) When I move the same music file to one of the slide show directories
I get no error, but XAT fills my harddrive up building the disk.

I guess I can't understand from the results how sound is supposed to
work and the help documentation does not explain it. So I can't even
get to any type of reasonable estimate of whether cutting my 1200
picture disk down to 600, 400, 100 pictures would give room for the


PS - A couple follow up questions:
*) If I add sound that is shorter than the slides, does the sound file
get repeated, or does it just end?
*) Is there a way to add a sound file that applies to the entire disk
that has more than one slide show on it?

Darwin Sanoy
Principal Consultant / Instructor

Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 5:17 PM

Hello Darwin

>How would I calculate the PC slide show into the equation (since I am
>using it) ?

Its not 100% predictable (becasue JPEG compression isn't) and depends on
size and quality.

xatshow should warn you if the CD will be too big.


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